An interview with nonSENSE Press

In preparation for the release of the zine NANSENSU, to which I contributed a comic and two illustrations, on May 4th, nonSENSE Press is interviewing all the first issue’s contributing artists.

You can read my interview here on nonSENSE Press’ homepage or on nonSENSE Press’ wordpress, but I’d like to include for y’all this snippet of information about what you’ll be seeing from me in this zine:

Human” is inspired by, in part, a line from American Horror Story: Asylum: “all monsters are human.” I wanted to do something that exists in that interstice between arousal and revulsion, humanity and monstrosity, love and hate, pity and disdain, something that’ll make the reader feel uncomfortably warm and sick to their stomach and maybe ask themselves what a monster really is? Of course, that’s just my hopes — it could flop! The comic features two characters I’ve written and drawn vignettes about for almost ten years now, characters who in turn were inspired by the true crime shows I should never have been allowed to watch as a wee child and the clerical sex abuse scandals that deeply affected me and my faith in my youth. I’ve always wanted to do something more official for that universe and a zine about monsters was just the right place to debut a comic about them.

Sex Police” is partly inspired by Takato Yamamoto’s work, which I’ve recently fallen in love with, my eternal love of J-Horror, and the sudden upswing in online spaces of young people spouting ideological rhetoric sans thought or nuance regarding sex and sexuality that is really just the same ol’ suburban soccer mom, moral panic, “rock and roll is the Devil’s music” pro-censorship views wrapped up in progressive thought. Censorship sans critical engagement is truly monstrous, to me.

Puberty” is something of a take on the theme of der Tod und das Mädchen and has its roots in my own preteen fears and realizations that I was going to be seen as a prospective sexual partner (even if I had and still have no inclinations towards such things), that time does pass, that I too would die. I wanted to draw an androgynous subject, since this is something that affects us all, embracing the one partner we’re all destined to be with one day.

I hope y’all will check out this zine once it goes live on May 4th! You can learn more here!