Sad News, Everyone: RainbowCon’s been cancelled

Unfortunately, that’s just how life is. So I won’t be in Tampa this July.

The official announcement was posted; essentially, at this point the con needed to pay for itself but attendance was only a third of what was needed so…there you have it. Sucks but there it is.

Amidst the sad news I just wanna say how appreciative I am of Saundra and Kris for their support and generosity. Seriously, they’re great people who’ve done a lot to try and promote queer creators and queer media — and not just cutesy, feel-good, twee queer media that doesn’t allow for actual sexuality and all of its ups, downs, goods, and bads.

In 2015 Saundra reached out to me about doing that year’s RainbowCon (I couldn’t due to severe illness.) What’s so great about that? Well…you gotta realize: I was still working on my first comic (Ninety-Nine Righteous Men.) But Saundra was willing to take a gamble on me pretty much based on works in progress and my (let’s be honest, rather lacklustre) portfolio. Plus shit add in that I’m a controversial figure and back in 2015 was super immature…like damn, I wouldn’t have taken a gamble on my ass back then. But god damn, Saundra was ready to!

For some sickly punk-ass queer kid who always felt like a freak for his art, do you know how much that meant and still means?

Fast forward two years, I get an email from Kris inviting me as a guest to RainbowCon and to speak on panels. Me, essentially a newbie. Me, the boy with the dry, dark, perverted sense of humor and words too fast for my mouth to say.  You know what kinda faith in somebody that shows? Y’all! It may seem mundane to some but damn that means so much to me.

So yeah I’m sad to have heard RainbowCon is cancelled because I know how much it means to the extremely kindhearted, generous people running it.