Not Gone, Just Moving: An Update on the Store

With two new comic releases on the horizon, I have decided to integrate my storefront with my website.

Now when you click STORE, you’ll stay put here rather than be directed to KMCLAUDESHOP on Wix!

This change from Wix back to my website will not change the vendors, such as Amazon and RedBubble, which process information, payments, and deliver products to you. The same trusted services are still there and everything will still be available via the store button on my website; we’re just changing how you see what’s available.

So why move?

  1. Faster and more convenient! Everything goes up on my website at once so no more waiting for the wixsite storefront to be updated or shout out to be emailed. Everything is all in one place: just click STORE.
  2. Peace of mind. I recently discovered that Web of Trust, a common website-rating application, marked all Wix websites under the wixsite domain as red, warning that they may be scam, phishing, or otherwise malicious websites. This seems to be a common issue independent of each Wix website’s actual security. I have never put any malicious code on my wixsite and, to my knowledge, Wix did not and does not serve up malicious advertisements; however, I now no longer feel comfortable casually directing readers to my Wix hosted storefront when all the wixsite domains trigger a false warning. The trust and safety of my readers is very important to me and that includes their peace of mind.

What do you need to do?

Nothing — unless you’re still subscribed to my mailing list through my Wix, in which case please subscribe to my newsletter through TinyLetter instead! I won’t clog your inbox but I will let you know when the latest book, comic, or other big project drops.

You can also find updates on my website under NEWS.

Thank you all for your understanding and patience during this transition!