The newest minizine, the deets from Zinemachine, and what to expect next!

A new mini comic is now available! Part four of a seven-part series to eventually be perfect bound, Penance is a companion piece to First Holy Cummunion, Cuntfirmation, and Baptism by Blood, though all stand alone on their own — the comics merely share a world and characters. Penance is an agonizing confession of misplaced guilt and a merciless god. It’s intended for mature audiences due to violence, language, and implied adult situations. Grab it here!

Zinemachine went swimmingly! For those not aware, my partner R. E. Hellinger and I were out repping Two Dead Queers, our collaborative horror publication project, and we hope to continue to do so. We also debuted a color minizine at Zinemachine called “Cake & Blasphemy” which we plan to expand upon and release for distribution in the near future — we just need a longer page count to get it printed affordably.

(Two Dead Queers was also lucky enough to get a review for our second issue by Ben Howard at Under The Ink!)


Speaking of the future, here’s what’s in the works:

  • The last three entries to the obscene sacraments series and the publication of the final paperback. I’d love to release them before the end of 2018 but there’s no guarantees in life (besides the only twelve years left we have on this earth before climate change kills us all.)
  • An anticipated release of Two Dead Queers Present: HALLOWZINE in December as a little nightmare before Christmas. HALLOWZINE is intended to be a yearly release of works, a free-for-all of horror.
  • Commissions! Yes, the grand opening of commissions has been pushed back a lot as real life incidents keep piling up, but I want to avoid opening up commissions too hurriedly and negatively affect y’all.

There’s always more to come, but that’s the most immediate. And to anyone who backed Called Into Being, the Frankenstein zine, thank you! I’ll have a comic of my own in there and I’m super excited about it — it’s my first publication in an anthology I myself was not running.