Spicy Site, ComixCentral, & Book Delay

It’s the end of the year — so, naturally, everything has to go to hell in a hand basket in the few last breaths of 2018!

Spicy Site

My adult artworks too racy for here are now up at MARQUISDECLAUDE.COM (which you may have noticed has been added to the navigation menus in the footer of this website.) This move is in light of tumblr’s complete removal of adult content, including artworks.

Unfortunately, since this isn’t a social media site, it will be harder for people to stay up-to-date without the convenience of a dashboard. I am looking to address that at the same time I begin the mailing list overhaul.


My comics are now available on ComixCentral at Claude’s Comix! My itch.io storefront will still be my main digital storefront as it contains more than just comics (and takes a smaller cut), but if you’re a ComixCentral reader, feel free to check me out there!

Book Delay

I’ve been teasing the paperback of First Holy Cummunion and Other Obscene Sacraments for what feels like forever; unfortunately, KDP is giving me trouble. First it was cutting issues, now it’s some ambiguous text size (or obfuscation) issue which may be triggered by a graphic composed of text or may not–KDP does not tell authors anything. Still hoping for a pre-Christmas release, but as of now the book is delayed.