Update: No Paperback of FHCaOOS?

Well…at least not this Christmas.

KDP Print says First Holy Cummunion and Other Obscene Sacraments (available on itch.io) violates content guidelines. After I spent money proofing it. Twice.

I should’ve foreseen this as the Kindle Store (KDP’s E-books) is a censor’s wet dream and honestly, art’s always the first to go.

What now? Well, we’re out of the major on-demand printer-distributor so now I’m looking around, mainly for printer-distros (especially ones that distribute to Amazon.) Lulu is too costly when it comes to artist copies. Ingram might be worth it for the paper and distro options, but the upfront cost and difficulty finding clear information on the main site… plus pennies of a royalty… options are kinda sparse!

Whatever happens, I will update this site and this post. I am determined that FHCaOOS will see a collected print debut!

Until then, if you have recommendations for printer-distributors or hell publishers, drop me a line.

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