Have Yourself An Obscene Little Christmas

The Obscene Sacraments bundle on sale half-off is my morbid way of saying Happy Christmas.

It’s a dark little collection–I’ve always been clear it deals with the horror of adolescent sexual abuse (among other things)–but maybe it will speak to you.

These characters have been with me for years, and though this collection is not the first or last time they’ll see publication, it has been a blessing to work on, to give them a chance to speak in a work and be seen (besides just as fragmentary doodles.)

Not to be precious but they’re so very if not ‘real’ then second nature to me. I can joke about them in one breath and be serious in the next. I *know* them. It’s why I’m so annoyed that publishing a paperback version has been such a difficulty: I want others to know them too.

So if I couldn’t make good on my promise for a paperback at Christmastime, I can at least give y’all this. It’s a dark collection with painful and rotten and ripped up and too human characters but like I said…maybe it will speak to you.

Coupon code for 50% off ($6.96 for the bundle) is obscenechristmas @ https://kmclaude.itch.io/obscenechristmas