Various 黒執事 Fanarts

Various 黒執事 fanart | MangaStudio 5 EX | 2015


 Much as I loved the season one ending, I imagine that devouring a soul isn’t as well put together and quaint as its lead up was portrayed; in the moment where all pretense is gone and aesthetics are stripped away, why would it be anything but terrifying?


What does time matter to demons? Do they count years? What about a human turned demon, what is it like to adjust from being a temporal being within a temporal world to an eternal being within a temporal world? Is there a comfort for human turned demons within keeping their more human form?


continuation of the above picture


When I drew that Hannibal/Elisabeth crossover doodle, I had a lot of fun translating Elisabeth’s coronation dress into a men’s suit so I wanted to try and translate Elisabeth’s dress from the 最後のダンス scene into some aristocratic boy’s lolita style outfit. And who better to stick it in then Ciel?


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