With sensual illustrations both beautiful and horrific, {familia} explores a fictitious dysfunctional family through an extended comparison to the family of one of ancient Rome’s most infamous emperors. In these poems, history is cyclical, fact is fictional, and monsters are all too real. This is a tale with too much truth to it… LEARN MORE

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(★★★★★) Even if you don’t like poetry, the artwork alone is worth it! -Icy

Another deliciously devilish addition to my shelf…both gruesome and gloriousStephanie Swan Quills



When Father Daniel suspects that one of his parishioners has been possessed, he has no choice but to perform an exorcism. Too bad the monsignor does not believe him and the only exorcist still in the diocese is Father Adam, with whom Daniel shares a less than lovely history… LEARN MORE

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(★★★★★) Tragically beautiful. This was my first exposure to K.M. Claude’s work, but it won’t be my last– they’ve earned a fan. Lee

(★★★★★) So much more complex then it lets on… Mary Peterson

(★★★★★) If you like a good demon story with some adult action get this book! –Icy

FINAL RATING: 9/10 … As far as debut features are concerned, this one shows the kind of maturity and boldness that I’ve rarely seen in independent publications… Dani Moth, (Bloodbath and Beyond)