Sensually Gorgeous + Horrifically Grotesque

K. M. Claude is an indie horror and erotica cartoonist creating comics, zines, and other works of art that glorify the grotesque, delight in the deviant, and sexualize the sordid.

Claude runs Two Dead Queers, a creative horror zine collaboration, with R. E. Hellinger. His work has also appeared in Called Into Being: A Celebration of Frankenstein, Gender Terror, The Serpent: A Rasputin Barxotka Story Book #1 and #2, The Collected Rasputin Catamite: May Day, and multiple fanzines, including Elisabeth das Zine, Beetlejuice Zine and The Webcomic Almanac.

Browse his works or view a curated portfolio of selected illustration, book design, and sequential art.