Sensually Gorgeous + Horrifically Grotesque

K. M. Claude is an indie horror and erotica cartoonist creating comics, zines, and other works of art that glorify the grotesque, delight in the deviant, and sexualize the sordid. His work is best described as erotic Southern Gothic — a mix of the sensually gorgeous and the horrifically grotesque — that draws heavy inspiration from Catholicism, Western animation from the early ’90s, and Japanese horror, comics, and musicals.

When not creating and publishing his own body of work, Claude serves as the lead illustrator, cartoonist, and editor of Two Dead Queers, a creative collaboration dedicated to crafting horror zines co-founded with his fiancé R. E. Hellinger. Prior to Two Dead Queers, he was the editor, contributing artist, and force behind nonSENSE Press and its two anthologies.

His work has also appeared in The Serpent: A Rasputin Barxotka Story #1 Theoria and #2 Theophania, The Collected Rasputin Catamite: May Day and Called Into Being: A Celebration of Frankenstein as a contributor.