Concept: Psychopomp Outfit Design


Originally this was some outfit concepts for the psychopomp but since its even more blatantly stolen from the musical I might scrap ‘em (left looks like someone raided the Takarazuka otokoyaku dance wardrobes.) I do like the wing-like feather design on the shoulders so I want to keep that.

I think I may try something else involving a blouse with a large collar that becomes the shoulder, to keep that wing design. Since my first drawings of the psychopomp (and the original comic idea that I might push back because Ashmedai/psychopomp smut sounds even cooler) involved much more fluid, whimsical clothing, I’d like to keep that design but also have the air of, like, formality and business, as if the angel is one of many psychopomps, all beings with the same face, soldiers or perhaps less glamorous and merely bureaucrats to the duty that is death.

26 Feb 2017