Concept: Reiko

Character designs for Reiko, the main character of the ero comic I have planned. In short, she’s a young lady of eighteen who often fantasizes about getting groped on the late night train and mouthing off to the perv only to find out that everyone on the train is a perv and don’t exactly appreciate her mouthing off. Sex ensues. It’s nothing she’d want to have happen in reality but in her head it’s an exciting dirty thought.

I really like this comic idea ‘cause it’s so stupidly cliche and yet actually very personal yet also communal, in a way, as many people – men and women – that I’ve talked to have that or similar group humiliation fantasy, even reaching back to childhood. So it’ll be fun to see if I can translate that for that particular group in a comic that’s also in many ways your average H manga. I’d like to do a black and white with the dotted look but I’m not sure how well it’d turn out – testing different file sizes and dots. It’s a learning process. Just like how keeping her on fucking model is a learning process.

December 2016