Demon Concept Art: Ha-Satan + Lucifer

Clean version of character concept art for Ha-Satan, the demon prince of wrath, and Lucifer, the demon prince of pride, from the universe to which my comic, Ninety-Nine Righteous Men, belongs.

Ha-Satan enjoys torture and killing but its bloodlust can never be satisfied. Lucifer meanwhile is obsessed with perfection and decorating itself, seeing itself both as Better Than You (And Everyone Else) and also profoundly imperfect and ugly.

Thematically, these two are designed to be reverse mirrors, as Ha-Satan is designed based on an oni (East) yet wears garb of the Romans (West) while Lucifer is designed based on Greco-Roman sculpture (West) yet wears a mish-mash of ancient Egyptian and Chinese clothing (East).

CSP EX | 12 Jan 2018

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