Diary Comic XLV: Damned For All Time

Another of my diary comics, which I will eventually collect in a book as I make more. A few that I decide to share, I will post online. Others will be book exclusive.

That awkward moment when you’re having sex with your fiancé in your super cool Halloween costumes because you ditched an event to bang and the rosary you used as part of your outfit gets involved and all your years of Catholic education come hurtling at you and you feel the judgmental stare of a thousand nuns on you for a hot second that eats at your soul in a way that none of your sacrilegious artwork or general existence as a queer person ever could. I’m incapable of feeling guilt but man…sure came close to feeling it in that moment. Because remember: God may or may not be real but his mama sure is.

These comics are based on experiences and thoughts I’ve had regarding life, and its many struggles, including those of gender, sex, mental illness, and everything in between. As a result, the language is often blunt, aggressive, shocking, and sometimes painful; similarly, my humor is often dry, self-deprecating, and dark. I write the way I speak and definitely the way I speak to myself which is not often nice. Also some are just for fun — to capture the joy of the mundane, the sacred and the profane.

While some things may be embellished, simplified, or exaggerated for the comic medium, there is always a truth to them for that snapshot of time.

Clip Studio Paint | 22 Oct 2019