Sketches & Character Designs: April 2016

A collection of various sketches and character designs, mostly reposted from tumblr and twitter.

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Character designs for an upcoming short-run series of erotic, problematic comics. First character is heavily inspired by Oingo Boingo era Danny Elfman, especially circa “Little Girls”. Second is Jo Casta and her son Eddy P. Casta. Make of those names what you will. I’ve a couple more designs but i’m not really sold on them.

Spent a few weeks doing a comic about Jehan’s childhood so now I’m full of emotions about these characters (Jehan never let go of his ghosts, but then again one could say Tiefer never did either…)

If 99RM were a comedy

If Ninety-Nine Righteous Men were a comedy…


A quick thank you doodle for everyone’s support of Ninety-Nine Righteous Men.

I am

You really can’t gender or sex a tonguedick mouthgina and I’m so weirdly adamant on this creature not being masculinized (regardless of it’s later revealed title) perhaps because of it’s role and nature. Of all the hill’s to die on, I choose arbitrary gender of a hellbeast, I guess, ha!