Sketches: Michael

Developmental sketches and comics of a character from an upcoming project. This story will be about public perception of who “can” or “cannot” rape or be raped. Obviously, of course, anyone can commit a crime and it would be foolish to think otherwise; however as a society we tend to have a problem conceiving of or accepting — for whatever reasons be they stereotypes or denial or whathaveyou — that certain demographics can commit certain crimes. In fact, that problem is why for the longest time we as a society assumed and in some cases still, horribly enough, assume that a woman cannot rape a man.

Michael is a rather amoral character — I’ve described him often as a bratty teenaged sociopath, though obviously I’m using more layman’s terms and technically he’d only be eligible for a diagnosis of “conduct disorder” — who happily makes immoral decisions all while knowing exactly how to get away with it.