Two Dead Queers Present: GUILLOZINE

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TWO DEAD QUEERS is proud to present a collection of salacious artwork and decadent prose by the diabolically deviant duo K. M. Claude and R. E. Hellinger.

Lay your head under the blade and behold what it means to be truly headless in our inaugural issue of our Two Dead Queers Present series … GUILLOZINE.

Praise for Two Dead Queers Present: GUILLOZINE

 A zine so gay, so dark, so utterly obscene to its core, Oscar Wilde will rise from the grave just to straddle it… With Claude’s beautiful gorno art and Hellinger’s tantalizingly macabre prose, Guillozine fills in a niche of queer erotic horror that desperately needs to grow. You may not know exactly what the hell you just read, but I can guarantee it is unlike anything you have seen. Ben Howard (Under the Ink)

Shock. Gore. Sacrilege. And more! GUILLOZINE contains art and stories that dare to push the boundaries. – Interview with K. M. Claude and R. E. Hellinger by Gender Terror

(★★★★) If a nightmare and a wet dream had a morbid lovechild, it would be this zine… Each drawing carries on this tight-rope walk between attraction and repulsion that Claude refines more and more each time he puts out new content […] Hellinger’s prose is gripping. It’s horror that shares veins with Guillermo del Toro’s body of work, with folktales that warn against stepping off the trail or looking in the forbidden room […] Guillozine is the kind of zine that deserves to be held and poured over.Gutts Curzon

Published by Two Dead Queers. 

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