The first ten pages of Ninety-Nine Righteous Men are now on COMIC FURY and TAPASTIC!

When Father Daniel suspects that one of his parishioners is possessed, he has no choice but to perform an exorcism. Too bad the monsignor does not believe him and the only exorcist still in the diocese is Father Adam, with whom Daniel shares a less than lovely history…

Ninety-Nine Righteous Men will update every Monday and Friday. The books of course will still be available.

I will post updates at Note: this comic deals with some heavy stuff, most prominent being issues of consent and responsibility, and not all pages will be worksafe. I will always make note when an update contains mature or otherwise non-worksafe content that goes beyond the average PG-13 rating. Tapastic “episodes” (pages) containing such material will also be flagged within the Tapastic system.

Thank you for your support and please, if you would, spread the word!