Ninety-Nine Righteous Men takes home StArt Faire’s People’s Choice Award

And it’s the recently completed webcomic NINETY-NINE RIGHTEOUS MEN that the people demand! – Donathin Frye

I’m genuinely honored by this, especially as there’s so many genuinely AMAZING comics and creators who’ve been given excellence awards and next to whom I’m proud to have my name and comic listed.

To the team at StArt Faire and to everyone who voted — thanks, y’all!

Please, if you haven’t, check out StArt Faire’s Excellence in Webcomics 2016 list of award winners and give any comics that speak to you a read!

(Now I just gotta step up my game for the comics to come!)

The featured image comes from Donathin Frye’s twitter announcement, linked in the above quote