Going to Zinemachine 5

UPDATE: ZM5 will be held at the same time and same place as last year: 11AM to 6PM Durham Armory, 220 Foster Street, Durham, NC 27701

I and my fiancé will be at Zinemachine 5 in Durham this October 13th representing Two Dead Queers!

We’re still getting final details (I don’t want to assume it’s at the armory again) but I wanted to a) get the word out and b) let everyone know what this may mean for content this month and next, especially patrons.

Good news: probably nothing! We are not bringing anything we didn’t bring to NOCAZ back in April and due to the short notice, we don’t plan on last minute cramming so there will still be time to draw silly things.

Better news for anyone nearby NC on October 13th: we’re going to have our usual Guillozine and Quaranzine but I will also be bringing a short run of the full First Holy Cummunion and Other Obscene Sacraments as well as originals, a floppy of art I made, and a choose your own deadly adventure that my fiancé made (and I laid out!) And some big 11×17 prints, I think we still have some of those — though I do believe the onryo gorebang sold out.

I’m pumped, I hope everyone else is pumped too, and if you’re in the area I hope to see you!