Welcome to your new eternity.

Read PG-13 Cut

Sensual and terrifying, Corpus is an erotic grotesque side story to the queer religious horror comic Ninety-Nine Righteous Men that mixes the beautiful with the bestial in one terrifying, carnal, and ultimately unforgettable look at what damnation really entails…

Corpus contains thirty pages of sequential art and bonus illustration material. This comic is intended for mature audiences and is available to purchase physically or digitally in full, uncut editions.

A heavily cut and edited version will also be available online for free on ComicFury and formerly on Tapastic. It will update every Wednesday until completion, in conjunction with Ninety-Nine Righteous Men. The cut version totals sixteen pages and contains neither the full nudity nor sex contained in the original comic.

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Praise for Corpus:

( ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥) Corpus is a short comic loaded with deliciously dark and sensuous imagery that explores one of the most memorable characters from Ninety Nine Righteous Men…Overall, Corpus is a fantastic addition to the story of Ninety Nine Righteous Men with imagery as rich and luscious as the origin story, and I look forward to reading more by K. M. Claude in the future. – Kara Jorgensen

(★★★★★) Reading it all-together (maybe one-handed) leaves you in the right spot – a little aroused, a little unsettled. And definitely wanting more. I get shivers over the line “Give me your body… Promise me your soul.” What’s this demon about anyway? Amber 

(★★★★★) As beautifully drawn and erotic as its Ninety-Nine Righteous Men counterpart, Corpus reveals the carnal desires of man and clarifies what led to Caleb’s demonic possession. The pages are in black and white, but with the amount of detail it makes for an easy read and cuts back the distractions. I was happy with the quality and the storytelling of the comic. K.M. Claude didn’t disappoint. Princeton