la mort d’un étranger

A comic about the death of a fan.

Pay what you want, starts at $1.
Profits donated to charity

Yesterday, I learned that a fan committed suicide. This comic is not a memorial to him but simply a jumbled, confused reaction on my part to this shocking, devastating news. Truthfully, I wouldn’t know how to memorialize him because until yesterday, I did not even know his name. All I know was what his friend told me: he was from France, he was a sweet fellow, he loved art so much, he adored my art, he aspired to be like me, and his name is Rosaire.

My art brought Rosaire joy while he was still around; my hope is that with this comic my art can do some good for others as well. That is why, though this comic is free to read here and elsewhere, I am selling a PDF copy on a pay-what-you-want basis starting at $1.00 the profits of which will be donated: 50% to the Trevor Project and the remaining 50% to the CBLDF.

For more information about this comic and why I chose these charities, please see this update.

la mort d'un étranger (cover) la mort d'un étranger 01 la mort d'un étranger 02 la mort d'un étranger 03 la mort d'un étranger 04 la mort d'un étranger 05 la mort d'un étranger 06 la mort d'un étranger 07 la mort d'un étranger 08 la mort d'un étranger 09 la mort d'un étranger (copy)

Traditional and Digital | 29 June 2016

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