Diary Comic XXXI: One Year

Another of my diary comics, which I will eventually collect in a book as I make more. A few that I decide to share, I will post online. Others will be book exclusive.

My partner and I exchange letters while we are apart; re-reading them on our anniversary, I find myself drawn to these lines.

Please note this comic is explicitly about a queer transmasc and agender relationship, not a lesbian relationship and that fact should be respected (though people of any sex or gender orientation can probably and are welcome to relate to this and other comics.)

These comics will be based on experiences and thoughts I’ve had regarding life, and its many struggles, including those of gender, sex, mental illness, and everything in between. I am hard on myself both as a protective measure (life can’t hurt you if you beat it to the punch) and as a result of my mental issues. As a result, the language is and often will be blunt, aggressive, shocking, and sometimes painful; similarly, my humor is often dry, self-deprecating, and dark. I write the way I speak and definitely the way I speak to myself which is not often nice.

While some things may be embellished, simplified, or exaggerated for the comic medium, there is always a truth to them for that snapshot of time.

Clip Studio Paint | 28 Jul 2018