Speak now or forever hold your peace.


A zine about secrets, sex, and loves left buried, Matrimoany is an intimate communion  of lies, rejection, and dejection  precipitating a disastrous fall from grace (if ever there was grace in the first place.)

This work is part of a seven-part series called ​First Holy Cummunion and Other Obscene Sacraments​ which consists of First Holy Cummunion, Obscene Unction, Cuntfirmation​,  Penance,  Matrimoany, Unholy Orders​, andBaptism by Blood​​ to tell a story in snapshots, though all stand alone on their own — the comics merely share a world and characters with tangled, grotesque relationships.​​​ This series will soon be perfect bound.​

Due to the subject matter and the manner in which it is expressed within, this zine is intended for mature audiences only. Though this zine contains no explicitly sexuality, the religious themes may be considered offensive to some.