Tapas Exodus

Sad news, everyone. Due to the newly added right to first refusal clause (which did not exist when I originally hosted with Tapastic) and the concerns raised by it as well as the current lack of response to creator concerns, I will most likely be removing my comics from the Tapas platform.

That said, my comics are currently still available via my website both to read and to buy and Ninety-Nine Righteous Men and Corpus (PG-13) cut are both available for free on ComicFury. Links in my shop and on the individual works on this website have been updated; links will begin to be updated on other social media as well.

I know many of my readers are from Tapastic/Tapas and believe me that this is a very difficult decision to make; I will do my best to look into a self-host for these comics so that ComicFury can become a mirror for them in order to preserve longevity for the comics. I will post more information as it comes and do my best to keep everyone in the loop.

As always, thank you guys (especially my readers who started on Tapas) for reading, for subscribing, and for enjoying my comics. I’m sorry that this is how things are turning out, and I hope you join me wherever this mess takes us!