Introducing: A Newsletter! So you don’t have to always check back here or trawl through social media!

I just started a newsletter! Though there is one available through my shop, that tends to only be updated when I update the shop (which is only when books come out or I remember that I have redbubble merch to display in the shop.)

Instead, I wanted something easier and more versatile than what wix provides that would be dedicated to delivering news on product releases and the occasional convention attendance without forcing fans or potential fans to manually check a website or scroll through social media dashboards and all the clutter they bring. Thus, this newsletter!

However, besides book releases and such other important announcements, this newsletter will post once a month with updates on projects in the works and a summary of any and all new products released so that you can be up to date but your inbox can stay clutter free!

Subscribe here!

Please note: this newsletter will not update you on newly released art; only products such as books, prints, etc. and convention attendances.