Paperback Printing Transfer to KDP: What this means for YOU

As many people may know by now, Createspace is being integrated with KDP Print — something that affects most of my printed titles, namely Ninety-Nine Righteous Men, Corpus, QUARANZINE, GUILLOZINE, and {familia}.

What does this mean for you?

My hope is nothing: ideally, books will remain readily available via Amazon same as they ever were and there’s zero issues with printing interior files.

However, upon reviewing the books, KDP’s print previewer made many interior files look misprinted, especially in terms of bleed; these interior files had never caused issues prior on Createspace. According to Amazon, these  “changes” are under review and not yet live so there shouldn’t be cause yet to unpublish any titles; however, I don’t completely buy that.

As a result, I’m in the process of reviewing and ordering proof copies of the not-yet-live changes under this new printing service to determine whether or not I’ll need to unpublish titles temporarily to fix whatever issues arise. Best case scenario, the KDP print previewer is even less accurate than Createspace; worst case scenario, book availability will be down for a few days.

What next?

Right now, as a precaution, if you’re thinking about ordering paperbacks of the above titles, you may want to hold off for a bit just in case. Unfortunately, I have very little control over the situation at this time, but I will follow up here, social media, and my newsletter with updates the moment I know more.