Good News Everyone! An Update on Books

An update on my previous announcement about the switch to KDP and printing issues.

After resubmitting the interior files and submitting changes, the only books that seem to be affected by the switch are QUARANZINE and GUILLOZINE. These are the only books without bleeds, which makes the new file previewer freak out that something is slightly off the margin. As a result, KDP does not let changes go through. KDP also does not allow a book to be changed from “no bleed” to “bleed”; therefore, the only “fix” available is to unpublish the book and publish a whole new edition.

That said, after receiving a physical proof, I don’t think we will have to apply this “fix” as, despite questionable page trimming, proofs show that the old manuscripts should be acceptable — at least not worth unpublishing and republishing a whole new edition, especially given the fact that those issues of the Two Dead Queers Present series are sold at cost. Am I happy with KDP’s less than stellar trimming? No. Am I thrilled with this situation? Absolutely not. Will I look into other options, especially for potential omnibus editions and even future books of my own? Definitely.

Again, if folks get GUILLOZINE or QUARANZINE copies and notice words and/or art getting sliced clean off, definitely let me know. One off issues happen and are Amazon’s domain but a sustained pattern would point to a file issue.

TL;DR All’s good; only GUILLOZINE and QUARANZINE seem to have been potentially affected and even then, they still look all right. All copies that’ll be at ZINEMACHINE this October 13th look 100% gorgeous!